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CONNECT (Issue 11)  May 2021   


Open RAN vendors are racing to catch up with incumbent Single radio access network (SRAN) vendors when it comes to providing a complete, comprehensive offer. Going forward, Open RAN will be one of the foundations for building RAN, and as such, the new mainstream. It is poised to capture the growth of the market in terms of new deployments and older deployments where the life cycle comes to an end...

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How does Open RAN add value in Multi-Operator Sharing?

The deployment progress of Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) is obtaining great momentum around the globe starting from 2020. According to Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the adoption of Open RAN solutions is accelerating with numerous Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) launching trials and commercial deployments...

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What Open RAN means for network infrastructure & 5G?

Mobile data demand has increased rapidly from 3G to 4G, and now 5G. In order to fulfil the high-capacity requirement, the use of higher frequency spectrum bands like 3.5GHz is necessary due to the demand of wider bandwidth for 5G applications...

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Considering Open RAN for 5G Indoor Deployment

As we are entering into the era of 5G, people can start enjoying much higher mobile data rates and faster video download speed at home, lower latency and lag in gaming applications, and more Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity surrounding us than ever before...

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Multi-RAT RRU will be Key for Open RAN Success

According to the latest GSMA mobile economy report 2020, although 4G is the dominating technology today, the adoption of 5G will get closer to 4G in the coming 5 years while 2G and 3G will still remain in the most part of the world...

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Private Network: The Hidden Gem

The concept of private mobile network has been around for years, it is an end-to-end cellular network that deployed for a dedicated group of users or devices, other users are unable to access the network unless authorized...

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Product Highlights


Multi-RAT Multi-Band Open Radio RRU

The industry's first Open RAN multi-RAT, multi-band RRU that supports 1800MHz and 2100MHz is designed to minimize the TCO for operators and neutral hosts in macro deployments through fast and easy deployment, energy savings, improved coverage and throughput, smaller footprint and easy maintenance. Engineered for efficient high power (320W) operation, the multi-RAT multi-band 4T4R RRU minimizes the environmental footprint and reduces the energy spend for the operator. 

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379mm Slim Ultra-Wide Multi-Band Antenna series

The 12-Port antenna supports ultra-wideband: 700MHz/850MHz/900MHz 4x4MIMO at two low bands (2x690-960), and 1400MHz 4x4 MIMO together with 1800MHz/2100MHz/2600MHz two 4x4 MIMO at four high bands (2x1427-2690 & 2x1695-2690). It is particularly suitable for scenarios with dimensional resistance. The 379mm-width miniaturized and light design enables a 20% reduction in windward areas and also saves on transportation costs. The platform can further extend to 3 low-band or more high-band ports with diplexer integrated to minimize site updates in future network infrastructure expansion or upgrades.

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New Compact Size Combiner for 5G

Comba is dedicated to designing excellent RF products with low PIM and high reliability. The combiner covers the full range of multi-band products for various system combinations.


  • Innovative design to integrate twin units as one cavity
  • Dynamic PIM testing -160dBc
  • Flexible connector: 7/16 Din or 4.3-10 
  • IP67, high-low temperature tolerance 
  • Cost-effective with less material adapted

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Dual unit






Quad Unit




White Paper: A Practice of TSN over 5G for Industry





Brochure: Open RAN Solution - Single Band and Multi Band RRU




Infographic: Open RAN becomes mainstream?



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Webinar: 5G DAS Solutions for Future Network

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Webinar: New Compact Size Multi-Band Antenna For 5G

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Webinar: Multi-Rat Open RAN - Pave the Way to Commercial Open RAN Deployment

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Webinar: Open RAN Multi-band Radio - A Better Solution for 5G?

Thursday, May 13, 2021

5pm HKT / 1pm GST / 11am CEST

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