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There is tremendous excitement about Open RAN in the telco industry, and the market momentum behind these initiatives is gathering pace as initial deployments have shown very positive results that indicate even more widespread applicability. Macro network infrastructure is forging ahead with Open RAN architecture. Like any “new” technology, early adopters tend to dip their toes in the water where any potential mishaps will have minimal disruptions in the rest of the operations.
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Expanding Collaboration to Boost Open RAN in Indonesia
Riding on the momentum of Open RAN in the mobile network industry, Comba Telecom, member of Telecom Infra Project’s ("TIP") Open RAN Project Group, joined the ecosystem partners and industry colleagues to introduce thoughts and plans at the launch of the 1st TIP Community LAB in South East Asia and the 14th globally at the Telkom University in Indonesia in the middle of December 2020.
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White Paper
This whitepaper mainly discusses the role of Open RAN solution for indoor wireless connectivity and presents a case study on the network CAPEX and OPEX saving by introducing Open RAN into the 5G NR roll out.
The infographic gives a snapshot of perspectives from CSPs, operators and enterprises, reflecting their expectations and planning on open network solutions. It goes with the spending/revenue forecasts on Open RAN RRUs and radios for enterprise markets from research institutes.
Blog Article
A Long Journey to The Real Open RAN – Open and Interoperable, Flexible and Scalable, Intelligent RAN

From open and interoperable, virtualization, to intelligent and AI-enabled RAN, the 3-stage transformation towards the real Open RAN will be tough and challenging but the motivation is strong enough to drive the transformation.
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Migrating from CPRI to eCPRI

When the industry moves forward and 5G emerges from the market, a more cost-efficient and multi-purpose fronthaul interference is required to support different RAN architectures such as centralized RAN and Cloud RAN. To address the demands, announced a new packet-based interface standard, eCPRI, to provide more flexible, efficient and reliable fronthaul networks in 2017.
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An overview of Comba's ORAN radio portfolio

In a continuing effort over the last several quarters, Comba’s highly experienced R&D team has spent more resources to expand its Open Radio product portfolio and has completed or is actively working with major ORAN DU/CU partners on its fronthaul eCPRI 8.0 and 7.2 integration tests. Comba's latest Open Radio product portfolio has added more bands to both high power and lower power radios, which will provide customers with a complete solution for all applications such as rural area or suburban coverage, in-building coverage/capacity improvement and private network etc.
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On-demand Webinar Series
Expanding 5G Indoor Connectivity with Open RAN
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Joint Webinar with Parallel Wireless: Macro Open RAN - Network Optimization
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Comba Webinar: Macro OpenRAN - From Breakthrough to Value Creation
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