Comba CONNECT Issue 09: Enabling 5G Intelligent Networks
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Comba unveils 5G sub-6 Outdoor CPE and Hybrid Beam Antenna

The Hybrid Beam Antenna is one of the three key antenna solutions of Comba which complies with the new 5G network coverage environment and provides higher antenna gains and split sectors, so as to satisfy the increasing demand for network of operators, and create a robust and comprehensive 5G network. And Comba's 5G sub-6 Outdoor CPE offers a comparatively low-cost Fixed Wireless Access Solution to help bridge up devices with the internet where the users are still waiting for reliable network access.

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Comba joins the OpenRAN project group of Telecom Infra Project  

Comba has joined the OpenRAN project group of the Telecom Infra Project ("TIP") to contribute viewpoints and solutions based on GPPP-based (General Purpose Processing Platforms) projects in the OpenRAN ecosystem.

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Infographic: 5G CPE for FWA

This infographic gives global market snapshots through sub-sessions of market updates on 5G devices and connectivity, 5G FWA leveraging 3GPP radio access technology, Comba 5G CPE, and bringing economies.

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Catalogue: 5G/LTE CPE

Comba's 5G / LTE CPE covers product range for 5G NR, LTE Cat 15, Cat 6, Cat 6 Relay and Cat 4 MiFi, giving reliable options to upgrade existing wireless networks across rural and urban areas.

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Infographic: RRH for OpenRAN

This infographic highlights the cost of open architecture deployment is lower than the traditional network, and the two main concern leading operators to go for open RAN. The significant features of Comba’s RRH and the benefits of the open network are mentioned as well.

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Catalogue: OpenRAN Solution

Comba's OpenRAN solution enables multi mode base stations to support multiple standards such as GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G, offering numerous benefits for both operators and infrastructure OEMs.

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Enabling 5G Intelligent Networks

Comba offers a full range of end-to-end solutions and unveiling new product innovation for 5G intelligent networks.

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Antenna Gearing Up for 5G 

Antenna is the key element in 5G Networks. Comba Telecom has developed various solutions to accommodate different scenarios, helping operators to achieve 5G business success.

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OpenRAN Solution

Comba's Open RAN Remote Radio Head ("RRH") is designed with advanced signal processing, multi-TRX radio technology, and high-power efficiency technology.

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Public Security Solution  

Comba's ScanViS AI solution provides a fast and reliable authentication process for access control, attendance recording, event registration and check-in, public security, and retail customer analysis.

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ScanViS GateGuard PRO Enterprise Access Control System

ScanViS GateGuard PRO is a more advanced facial recognition access control solution engineered with multiple functions to automate attendance recording and visitor entry authorization for medium to large enterprises.

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Blogs and Tech Briefs


A. Enriching Indoor Wireless Communications by 5G Open Platform Small Cell
B. Channelized Class B - The Best of Both Worlds, A new Hybrid BDA and Fiber DAS Solution
C. 5 Things CRE Owners Should Know About Installing Public Safety Systems
D. The Care and Feeding of Signal Boosters (Bi-Directional Amplifiers)
E. Open RAN: Catalyzing 5G Use Case Innovations

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How does In-Building Distributed Antenna System meet the requirement in 5G Era

Comba’s ComFlex PRO is professionally designed for in-building wireless systems (“IBS”). It supports various indoor scenarios, accommodating the increasing indoor mobile traffic demand in the 5G era. In this webinar, we will discuss how in-building distributed antenna system meets the requirement in 5G era.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:
1. IBS Trend
2. 5G IBS Technical Challenges
3. Comba 5G Distributed Antenna System Solution - ComFlex PRO

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Challenges - Moving Towards 5G NR in Tunnel

Comba’s ComFlex PRO DAS is specifically designed for tunnel environments to ensure a robust and optimal 5G NR wireless network. Since the launch of ComFlex series in the market, it has been adopted in large venues, shopping malls, high speed railway, tunnel, metro and stadium globally. In this webinar, we will discuss how Comba's ComFlex PRO DAS solution overcomes the challenges in 5G NR tunnel deployment.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:
1. Challenges in 5G NR Tunnel Deployment
2. Case Study - 3500MHz vs 2600MHz
3. Comba 5G Solution for Tunnel

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