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Q4 2017 Issue 02


Comba Telecom wins the bids for China Telecom's two centralized procurement projects with highest performance, included as a partner of China Mobile 5G Innovation Center

Comba has secured the bids from China Telecom for a camouflaged antennas project and an optical fiber repeaters. Also, the Group has been officially included as a Partner of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Center, and has been selected as one of the "2017 Zhongce Top 100 Chinese Patent Innovation Enterprises".


Comba Telecom and Laos Government hosts an inauguration conferenece cum work handover ceremony for joint venture ETL Company Limited

The newly established ETL Company Limited is the first Sino-Laotian joint venture telecoms operator in Laos. With all of the required telecommunications operation licences and a nationwide mobile network already in place, it also has important advantages in transmission network infrastructure, and thus benefits from favorable conditions for further development.

Comba Telecom is confident that its investment in ETL Company Limited can succeed, capitalizing on its own leading global communications network and information solutions as well as its network construction experience accumulated from the advances of mobile communications technology over the past two decades.

This initiative represents a major event for the development history of the telecommunications industry in Laos. 


Comba Telecom is accelerating in-building wireless systems in Vietnam with new partner ACOM Investment Corporation

Comba has signed a two-year partnership with ACOM Investment Corporation, one of the top three in-building systems (IBS) companies in Vietnam. In the partnership, Comba Telecom will work as ACOM’s supplier to provide its state-of-the-art IBS including active products - RA-7800 Dual-band Fiber Optic Repeater and RA-7800 II2 and Point of Interface (POI) solution inside high-rise commercial and residential buildings in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities across the country. 


Comba's emergency works updates after typhoon Hato’s attack in Macau

Typhoon Hato lashed Macau on August 23th with wind speeds of up to 207 km/h, causing casualties and severe damage. Soon after the disaster, Comba delivered full support to the Macau operators in the relief work by setting up three dedicated teams to offer emergency services to the local operators and telcos. 


Dual low band base station antenna

As the world’s first 2L+4H Band SBS antenna designed within 445 mm width, the Dual Low Band Antennas provides an extensive platform up to 10 bands in a compact size, allowing for a reduced wind-load without compromising radiation performance.


Multi-band mPICO series with GUI management via mobile APP

This upgraded range of mPICO repeaters offers a total solution for mobile networks from covering blind spots to implementing integrated coverage systems in parking lots, villa, small offices, coffee shops and retail outlets.


ScanViS redefines the power of customer analytics for retailers and enterprises

ScanViS is a series of computer vision AI solutions designed specifically for retailers, hospitality owners and enterprises to capitalize on opportunities brought by the Internet of Things and Smart City initiatives.


The 700/800MHz CriticalPoint™ public safety fiber DAS solution

Available for North Americas market, Comba's CriticalPoint 700/800MHz Fiber DAS features a new innovative design that integrates the RF signal source and DAS headend into a single, small form-factor master unit.


Impressing visitors with expanding scope of solutions at MWCA 2017

This year, Comba not only updated the wireless industry with the brand new dual low band antenna and multi-band mPico repeaters, but also introduced fiber DAS solution for in-building public safety and ScanViS AI solutions for retailers and enterprises. Both media and visitors were happy to learn the debut of these product lines, believing widening scope of solutions could encourage potential collaborations in different markets.

In the show, the Safer Buildings Coalition interviewed Steve Yapsuga, Director of Sales for Comba Eastern US, for his view on the business trend of in-building public safety solution and explained how fiber DAS help the first responders get the coverage they need and deserve, while making the cost to the venue owner as low as possible.​

Marie Ma, Senior Director of Technical Marketing Solution and General Manager of Business Enterprise, was on RCR Wireless live interview pinpointing the key benefits that AI-powered facial recognition solutions could bring to retailers and enterprises to enhance customer experience and boost up their businesses. She also demonstrated how these technologies work on faces to generate reliable customer analytics. 

To take a glance at the Comba booth displays, a guided virtual tour is available here. 


In-building public safety solution at APCO 2017​

Comba's USA team brought in the latest fiber DAS solution for large or multi-building public safety in-building coverage at the show. Don Henry, Public Safety Program Manager, hosted an interactive discussion on the applications of this solution in the industry products and tools session. Don's elaboration on the public safety solution and network planning, as well as an insightful Q&A session are covered in this webinar.

Just around the show period, Don was on TESSCO Talk talking about recent developments in the industry and Comba's latest public safety BDA lineup (a DC powered version of Class A BDA and Class B version that comes AC or DC powered), use cases, and how an SI or building owner can benefit from using the product.


Comba on CommsM​EA          

In the interview, Dr Hazim Al-Rawi, General Manager for Comba MENA, lays out the significant steps taken by Comba to move up the value chain and become an end-to-end turnkey solutions provider working in close collaboration with operators, enterprises and other vendors in the wireless industry.


Smart Lighting solution brief

Comba has successfully deployed its Smart Lighting Solution in Asia. Taken from one of the reference cases, 56 T5 lights were replaced with a smart lighting system, resulting in a 66% reduction in energy consumption. Results will be more significant especially for large venues such as industrial factories, high rise office towers, airports, and data centers. 

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